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Fashioned to resemble some of the finer American wood cookstoves of yesteryear, the Todd Wood Cookstove is very elegant as well as highly functional.

Yesterday we finally got the chimney installed on the new Todd wood fired cook stove . It was the first nice day weather wise in weeks, and probably the last

24 Oct 2006 Our new Todd wood -fired cook stove has arrived, and is being assembled. The chimney pipe is back-ordered, but should be here soon.

Beautiful, functional,and affordable! Porcelain w/nickel trim wood burning cookstove with 6 gallon water reservoir and double overhead warming cabinets all

Big Bear Sheepherder Heat & Cook Stove · Models 2602 / 2603. Sweet Heart Woodburning Stoves SALE PRICE $195.00. Todd Wood Cookstoves · Parlor Stove

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