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See also the background surrounding Randy Pausch's " Last Lecture ", and Randy Pausch's Randy's May 18, 2008 Graduation Speech, can be seen on YouTube ,

Wikinews has related news: " Last Lecture " Professor Randy Pausch dies at age 47 .. YouTube . http://www. youtube .com/ytawards07. Retrieved 2008-08-11.

YouTube - Randy Pausch Last Lecture : Achieving Your Childhood Dreams. lun, 30/06 /2008 - 17:15 - philippe. Un professeur d'unif donne son dernier cours (il a

Videos of Randy Pausch's last lecture on YouTube . YouTube thumbnail 2008 @ 9 : 14 am: I only knew Randy since first seeing him on Oprah .

Watch online or order a DVD: YouTube ยท Windows streaming video Mellon Professor Randy Pausch , who was dying of pancreatic cancer, gave his last lecture

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