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THE FOURTH ECUMENICAL COUNCIL . THE COUNCIL OF CHALCEDON . A.D. 451. Emperors. -- Marcian and Pulcheria (in the East). Valentinian III. (in the West).

Council of Chalcedon (451) Fourth ecumenical council of the Christian Church, Chalcedon , Council of, fourth ecumenical council , convened in 451 by

The Fourth Ecumenical Council , held in 451, from 8 October until 1 November inclusive, at Chalcedon , a city of Bithynia in Asia Minor.

20 Jun 2009 The Fourth Ecumenical Council took place in Chalcedon in 451 AD, and is also known as the Council of Chalcedon . It ruled that Jesus Christ

As one of the Ecumenical Councils in Chalcedonian Christianity, the Council of Chalcedon is .. Canon IX, Council of Chalcedon Seven Ecumenical Councils ,

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